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We believe we, along with almost every other non- gnu website on the internet are violating or assisting in the violation of your Article 12 and Article 19 rights as described in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed after the fall of fascism who had been engaged in tattooing numbers onto a class of slave workers who were used for medical experimentation, worked to exhaustion then killed under a regime which claimed to be performing an economic miracle.

You can read more about the regime of Nazi Germany, and the practices which resulted in a world war elsewhere. We are a computer company and we are not unaware of the connections between IBM and the holocaust and this subdomain of our website is our conscience.

We are particularly concerned about the use of computational psychology being used big tech and the links that the psychology society had with both the Nazi holocaust and the holocaust which occurred during the Eugenics era, and since we are employing third party requests and cookies from big tech companies (like most other websites) in our main website, we provide this subdomain so our patrons can access our services in a such a way that their activities cannot be tracked in violation of their right to privacy and non-interference in their correspondence described in Articles 12 and 19 of the Universal Declaration and elsewhere in the various treaties related to the purposes for which the United Nations was originally founded. We are not sponsored by the UN nor do we advocate for it in the context of this present world.

We very much hope to provide the best security and privacy for our customers at but the way the internet has changed, it is increasingly difficult to live without big tech from the standpoint of promoting a website where search engines are monopolised in favour of organisations engaged in censorship, shadow banning and social credit like scoring.

We wholeheartedly concur with Doctor Richard Stallman, Edward Snowden and may others that software and services provided by big tech monopolies fit the category of being malware and it is our desire to provide the kind of security and privacy that most anti-virus companies cannot or have no will to provide.

While we hope that all our customers will use this subdomain to learn about us and perhaps commission our services, we recognise that we live in a world where most people will be more than content to have the kind of privacy and security provided by big tech and dont want to know too much about the practices they would consider to be corrupt to an extreme if a small company or an individual were to be engaged in the self-same practices.

Recognising that it is debateably now legal to install tracking software on peoples devices without their knowledge or consent and to make it extremely difficult for them to remove it and that this practice is not being highlighted by any big malware removal company getting big hits on the search engines employed by those employing these "backdoors" which not only affect computer security, but personal security, at Gartbeth Digital Services Ltd, we hope to assure you that we are aware of these issues and can provide solutions to negate these issues.

We apologise for infringing on your inalienable rights, like every other website on the internet today, and provide this alternative entry as our get-out-of-jail-free-card until the must wanted Web 3.0 comes along which many hope and believe will end the big tech monopolies which make it extremely difficult to even own a phone without ancient rights being infringed on.

We have never considered ourselves a leader in computer security but noting that the leading voices of big anti-viruses fall silent in the face of obviousl malware intrusions and seeing as how we are offering to remove such malware when the big companies are not, though we aren't big budget advertisers, we can do what they cannot.

Version 6.0 of GDSWA

This version includes a more standardised plug in interface. See the setup for the Generic Plugin. All plugins must now contain these basic files. There has also been a change to the way application directories are accessed such that whereas before the application object contained a / at the end of its path prefixes, now the /must be prefixed to the path within the application. For example,


is now used in place of


This tiny change has meant an update to all application files and since there has been a want for social media to be re-integrated, it was thought the time was now to make this long wanted fundamental adjustment to the way the application is programmed.

Social media integration has been re-introduced including analytics for both facebook and google as well as facebook logins for what are now basic members as opposed to social as they were called in Version 3.0. There is also a social media sharing plugin which supports Facebook, Twitter and linkedIn as well as enabling Copy to Clipboard.

What has been removed?

As with all previous releases since Version 2.0, some things have been added but some things have also been taken away.

The commerce plugin has been removed as the backend was ... well lets just say functional and the front end, though more presentable, was not up to the standards available on most sites which use e-commerce. The Version 5.0 plugin is still to some extent usable with a bit of adjustment but it to get it to an acceptable standard, not only will it have to be re-integrated but a major rewrite is on the cards for it.

What plans before Version 7.0

In this release there will be much effort put into social integration and building up an audience. There is a want from those funding the developer's luxury lifestyle of toast and cheese for dinner every night to democratise and socialise the application. The whole WebGL project has been put on hold despite that it looks lovely. It is an advanced market to enter and at the current time, it would be better to build toward creating communities and an audience.

Reintegration of the media capture functions from Version 4.0 looks to be on the cards on a very dynamic format. More OAuth2 provider support such as Google Logins and perhaps LinkedIn and Twitter if Twitter support OAuth2. As well as the features you can expect from the first line of this paragraph, a bit of experimentation may be carried out into the various graph APIs to see if it might be better to write a combined social media application rather than rely on a third party which seems excessively slow.

Next on the agenda

Version 6.1 will contain the platform for integrating the media capture mentioned before but media capture may not yet feature in it right away. The absolutely next thing to be done, right now, is paypal re-integration since the paypal integration for Version 5.0 was attached to the commerce plugin. The commerce plugin will be rebuilt later but will REQUIRE the not yet written paypal plugin which should support subscriptions as well as purchases and donations. There may or may not be a plugin for Patreon on the cards before Version 6.1 but ... wait and see.