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UDHR Compliant?

It sounds alot more technamological than it sounds but it is the best way to describe what this part of the site is in only four letters. The letters stand for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and no, since if you are reading this paragraph, you may need to have it explained that this is not about the rights of women, or the rights of homosexuals, or the rights of black and ethnic minorities, at least not specifically, but rights that apply to you (unless you are not a human), SHOULD BE PROTECTED by the rule of law in every country, including your own and yet are under such attack in our modern world today that those who live in countries where such protections are limited or non-existent may be in the false belief they live in a country where their human rights are protected!

The people of North Korea believe they are living in a democracy but as North Korea almost entirely offline, this statement is made so that you may make an assessment for yourself about the extent of human rights protections in your own country based on knowledge and information which those weilding power may have kept hidden from you by a various techniques which will be described if you seek to delve into the matter of conscience which gives rise to this subdomain existing for a small company which builds websites and repairs computers. You should visit The Main Website if you are unconcerned about violations of your right to privacy, regarded as a privleged right you cannot be alienated from by deed or writ, let alone a button you clicked to get an account on a website.


Far too many would perceive the meaning of "access to the media" to mean they can afford to buy a television, and exhibit little to no comprehension the extent to which the broadcast media, and indeed, today, big tech, is censoring far more information than titilating tittie pics from children or even aware of the psychological techniques which have been employed to turn the perception of genocide to simply population reduction and other such very obvious but unnoticed states of affairs which have come to exists in a world where such apathy is exhibited.

I choose the word "exhibit" very carefully when I say this and it is to say that although everyone seems to care or exhbit such apathy, degraded human rights would not be an issue if all who exhbited apathy, truly were, as they appeared to be. It's not to say that the devil could not hide in amongst the who is who of the world of human rights organisations while being the greatest violator of such rights, but letting god contend with the devil there is a need to address the wolves in sheeps clothing who I guarantee you will call these writings as being the wolf. Who is who? Only you can decide. Your right to freedom of thought without coercion! I hope to enlighten you to a few matters which you will not hear on your television or find too easily when searching the worldwide web and will likely not appear in any social media websites which are advertised and product placed even on the television channels which claim they carry no advertising.

The reasons behind this subdomain!

Free as in Libre! Not free beer is a profit making company. Our aim is to earn a living out of various labours involved with computers. This being said, there is some functionality to this website which is completely free of cost such as our chatrooms or the software library we provide to "anywhere" journalists and human rights workers who may find themselves in places where they cannot achieve internet access in places where their article 12 and 19 rights are systemically violated.

We provide some stuff for free but even with the stuff we provide at a cost, we try our best to ensure that this stuff does not aid and abet the violation of your fundamental freedoms. The word "libre" (in 2022) has become the terminology to describe ways of doing things (mostly writing software) which aims to provide alternatives to changing international conditions where there are increasingly exploitative practices going on.

While a bit of anachronism to the terminology "libre", it could have been used to describe the practives of tobacco plantation owners telling consumers that smoking could improve their health, long after the mustard gas fields of the first world war had dissipated. Against powerful vested interests, people fought hard to educate the public that smoking was in fact a danger to health and these people could have been described as anarchists for upsetting the order of things or they may have been described as heroes depending on the viewpoint of the people giving a description but all in all those who stood against the goliaths of their day fought for "libre" in the sense that this word is coming to embody today.

To Cut a Long Story Short

To cut a long story short, robots are gambling for your eyeballs and knows this, and is to some degree compelled to assist this, and this subdomain is our get-out-of-jail-free card because we are providing our users with EXTREME warnings about end-user exploitation happening on scales that the infamous East Berlin Stasi could not acheive, being carried out by large ex facie privately owned corporations with public relations budgets dwarfing the GNP of entire nations and turning Malcolm X's racist rants about white people into some kind of prophetic vision he had about the world that we all live in today, regardless of our creed or colour.