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This feature is available to all members including basic members who log in through Facebook or another external authentication service. It is highly recommended that all basic members upgrade to a free full membership account sign up properly to a free full members account which will grant extra goodies not available to those using less accountable log in mechanisms.

Alpha Testing

Please note that the chatrooms feature is currently in Alpha and some features are not yet available such as voice chat and private messaging. Only four rooms spread over two categories are set up just now but as we move toward Beta, new rooms and new categories will be created according to user demand. If you spot any bugs in the chatrooms application outside of features which expressedly aren't working yet, or if you see any bugs on the website application itself then please let us know as the whole point in an Alpha test is to find out what doesn't work but we hope you can all have some fun and don't come across any strange behaviour outside of... well people are always very strange in a chatroom right?

If there are things which you would like to see in this chat application or on the website itself then let us know, as well as letting us know of any bugs you come across. The way to get in touch is either through seeing admin in the same room you're in and going Hey Stephen, such and such doesn't look right! or Hey Stephen, you know it would be cool if we chat users could [insert desired feature here]!.

Sometimes admin is and can't be found in the chatrooms. The original and still the best way to get in touch with admin is via his email address which is the email associated with the maintenance of the website and its related software, and not to be confused with the email address for the business, computer repairs and such like. It's for BUGS!!! Use it!

Sign up (with facebook if you cant be bothered setting a password since email verifications are not currently required to gain membership but I suppose facebook saves typing a password right? Okay, sign up with facebook but you are so lazy that you are exactly what was meant by the famous Russian author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn when he wrote the famous ... wait a minute, you are so lazy you didn't even read that Russian name properly. You just skipped over it like a name you just weren't going to read properly. Go back and read it again properly. No, infact, I'm just not going to tell you what he said.

Have fun!