Terms of Service


Gartbeth Digital Services, provides its software without warranty for any particular use. We do not guarantee that the software we provide will be without error except where otherwise stated for particular software products. Our software is provided "as is".

Online Services

Our online services, both pro gratis and for paying subscribers are provided on a basis that the consumers are not engaged in any disruption of the services or the communities which develop from their use.

We reserve the right to terminate service of community based services both temporarily or permanent, even to paying consumers on the grounds their activities are causing disruption. This may mean being banned from a forum for a day (without refund where applicable) in the case of abusive behaviour caused by intoxication, but it also may mean a permanent ban in the circumstance where the behaviour is consistent. In the case of paying consumers, a refund will be returned for any whole weeks that have been paid for which the paying consumer will not be enjoying, minus reasonable costs involved in the refund transaction such as transaction fees and the time involved in their administration.

We do not guarantee our services will be up and running at all times. We aim to provide our services 100% of the time but at times, things which are outside of our control can affect our ability to provide service and we cannot guarantee that our services will be up and running 24 hours a day and 7 days a week but it is our determination that they will be.

Computer and Phone Repairs

We provide Computer, Phone and Mobile Device repairs in the Cumbernauld area of Scotland to customers who contact us by email or call us on our telephone number. We cannot guarantee that we can fix everything, but we will not charge in the circumstances where a device cannot be repaired by us, unless we declare in advance of taking on the work that there will be costs involved in diagnosing the problem with the device.

Except by prior arrangement, we do not charge until the work is done and delivered to you in a repaired state at our Cumbernauld Office. The full cost of the repair will be agreed in advance of the repairs beginning except by prior agreement in special circumstances which may arise from time to time for various reasons.

All our work carries a one year warranty on labour and except in the circumstances of the use of second hand parts, any parts we provide which break down quickly will be replaced within the first year. In the case of the use of second hand parts, while we cannot guarantee their quality to be that of products which have just come from the factory, we endeavour to provide you with parts that work. Should you experience any problems with a replacement part which is second hand, we will be happy to replace the part within one month, at no extra cost. No labour fee will be charged in such circumstances. This warranty applies only to our repairs and not to the device we have repaired. It does not cover the device in situations where the device has been damaged by carelessness or where a device has broken through no fault of our repair or the parts that we have provided.

IT Services

We provide services such as website construction and maintenance as well as callouts for equipment which cannot be moved and remote assistance for Windows users. We will do our utmost to be prompt, efficient, accurate in our diagnosiis and correct in providing a solution to your IT problem.

Sale of Goods

Gartbeth Digital Services Ltd sells computer products. We provide a one year warranty on all the products we sell, including our refurbished products. We do not provide warranty in the circumstances of breakages caused by misuse or carelessness.